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FlowPilot is an Unreal Engine code plugin that allows simple, modular and extensible gameplay flow creation. Using a data driven approach you can create gameplay very easily by re-using existing Tasks or FlowPilot Assets entirely. Provided with a custom FlowPilotEditor, making new sequences, interactive objects or scripted scenes is a breeze!

Check out some of the features below


  • Simple FlowPilotTask can be created in Blueprint and C++
  • FlowPilotComponent controls FlowPilot Execution and is fully exposed to Blueprint.
  • Re-usability at its core with modular data-driven approach
  • Re-use identical flows by grouping them into another FlowPilot Asset
  • Easily find actors in the level or at runtime via GameplayTags
  • Prefetch actors for fast and efficient access with caching handled by FlowPilotSystemComponent
  • Debugging Tools: CPU Profiling in code, Visual Logs, and ScopedCycles to stay on top of Performance
  • FlowPilot Editor makes it a breeze to quickly edit your flows
  • Included FlowPilotTasks will have to start going in no time


This website is the go to for the most up to date documentation and changes about FlowPilot. However if you want more support, you should Join our Discord community! You can also request edits on each documentation/guide page at the bottom of the page, if you see a mistake or want to propose an improvement.


Need help? The best place to get some help is on Discord, where you can meet fellow devs and myself who help each other out.

Alternatively, you can drop me an email [] or contact me on Twitter/X