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  • Update: Improve Error Logging
  • Add: New example content
  • Add: Customization and improves Debug View.
  • Add: FlowPilotEditor with Basic functionality
  • Add: Drag and Drop Support
  • Add: data validation to FlowPilotEditor
  • Add: Implemented Parent/Child relationship on UFlowPilotTask
  • Refactor: Rename UFPTaskNode to UFlowPilotTask
  • Add: missing ExitChildTask call from UFPTask_Sequence when a Task returns Failure
  • Add: Editor data to customize display of Tasks
  • Add: Editor Settings to customize editing experience
  • Fix: UFPTaskRunner was not correctly handling running the last Task if it was Disabled, returning Failure, instead of the last task result
  • Add: New FlowPilot Website and Online Documentation at
  • Deprecate: MainFlow in UFlowPilot in favor of UFPTask_Sequence as the root node
  • Add: Data Versioning to automatically convert MainFlow to Sequence Child Tasks



  • Add support for 5.2
  • Set plugin to runtime so we can use FlowPilotComponent in Blueprints
  • Adds FlowPilotEditor
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Removes Component from Cache
  • Fix Data asset sharing with instancing of assets
  • Sanitization pass across API calls
  • Adds Stats Trackers at various points



  • Updates validation pattern
  • Adds support for Unreal Engine 5.1



  • Added ways to Pause and Unpause FlowPilot
  • Added parameters to settings to configure Debug Rendering
  • Added proper Reset and Aborts to any Node that has Child Nodes, so they are properly propagated
  • Fix Parallel node wrong execution end
  • Fix debug rendering. Removed some options that we don’t need for now and can be added later.
  • Simplified flow. Removed Instant nodes, they were not being used.
  • Added internal node state to better progress tracking
  • Added a way to find multiple actors from 1 external tag, so we can use group references
  • Added option to prefetch actors on Setup in Settings.
  • Inverted ChangeLog timestamps



  • Implement Actor Reference Tag Prefetch.
  • Prevent swapping FlowPilot Actor asset when Flow is already running
  • Allows returning Groups of Actors from an FlowActorReference via Tags. Allows Group Search, Caching and Selection



  • Add Retry timer to FlowPilotComponent
  • Properly add State change to FlowPilotComponent
  • Properly invalidate Database Cache in FlowPilotSubsystem when an Actor is not valid when fetching it



  • Fix Parallel Node not completing correctly.
  • Fix FlowComponent not registering correct FlowState

v0.1 alpha


  • Initial release