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This is not a complete list of features to come, but instead a list of things I’m thinking about adding over time. Some are from personal needs and others from dev requests. Feel free to drop a line a request a feature on Discord or Github - Issues/Feature Requests

Possible Future Features

  • UFPTask_Transition: Allow choosing any task in the Sequence and Jump to it.
  • UFPTask_Checkpoint: Allow saving a set of user define data.
  • UFPTask_ReloadFromLastCheckpoint: Allow restarting FlowPilot and run up to last Hit Checkpoint
  • UFPTask_BackgroundWork: Allow Pushing/Popping a Background work job. Something that is spawned for work and un-managed by FlowPilot
  • Editor: Copy/Paste from FlowPilot TreeView in Editor
  • Editor: Allow swapping Class Type in TreeView versus DetailView only.
  • Perf: Move all Tick methods to FlowPilotSystemComponent
    • Perf: Multithreading/Jobification of Ticking Tasks / Background Jobs
  • Core: Diffing FlowAsset Versions
  • Core: Export to Text File